Personal Loans

Request your personal credits online in Colombia so that you can use them in whatever you need.

Did you ever need money urgently but you do not know who to turn to? None of your family or friends can loan you the amount you need? If this has ever happened to you, we want to tell you that we have your solution through personal loans that can help you and your family get out of debt, to buy what you need or want, to go on a trip to know the world or simply an emergency.

The current economic situation sometimes leads us to have some money problems, so we limit ourselves in our quality of life so as not to accumulate more debts or avoid buying something that we so much desire but that is not possible. For this reason, our team in Mukercash is willing to collaborate so that you can meet the needs that you and your family require, without having to worry about the times, procedures, paperwork or lines.

How to know if our services are right for you? We all have unforeseen events. We all may need fast money. If your need can not wait and it is not making long lines, paperwork, eternal calls, then the personal loan offered by Mukercash is perfect for you.

How to apply for a personal loan with Mukercash?

How to apply for a personal loan with Mukercash?

We are the first urgent personal loan service , totally online in Colombia. You can request your personal credit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your home or office, for amounts ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 900,000 pesos for a maximum payment time of 30 days. This type of loan offered by Mukercash is a flexible service because it adapts to your needs; You only have to select the amount you need for the loan and then choose the payment day that is most convenient for you.

The loans offered by Mukercash are a modern product, easy to use and fast. That’s why the payments can also be made through our website. Easy and simple, go and pay with your debit card, or if you prefer, you can also do so via different payment loader. With the loans we offer, clients pay less and less. Having paid 20 loans according to their payment date will not have to make any payment cancellation technology. You will also receive discount vouchers of up to 30%.

When you make a credit application and it is approved, then we will assign you a credit quota, which you can use for the next 6 months in the way you want. With our personal loans you are the one that decides how you handle it and what you want to invest them in.

Additionally, each of these services, according to the amount that has been given for your credit quota, can be used in one or more loans, depending on what you choose and in the same way, decide an independent payment date for each one. For us it is very important to offer you options that represent an aid to solve your economic problems and improve your quality of life. Therefore, each of our services is specially designed to guarantee our customers the satisfaction of each of their needs.

Are online personal loans safe?

Are online personal loans safe?

It is fundamental for us to be able to assure the people that require our services, that the personal information that is handled through our website and all the information that is recorded there, is in good hands. For this reason, regarding the security of your loans, we want to inform you that our company is legally constituted and we are supervised by the relevant entities. You can confirm what we have mentioned previously through the Single Business Register (RUE) delivered by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. In this space you can look for Zinobe SAS as a legally constituted company with criteria of efficiency, economy and good faith.

Likewise, all the information received is used solely and exclusively to carry out the credit study, so we take all the necessary security measures to guarantee that it will not be used for any other purpose. All the information that is transmitted between your computer and our servers travel in an encrypted way, to prevent a third party from intercepting it, so that no person will have direct access to it. All our servers are PCI certified. With our personal loans service you do not have to worry about possible frauds.

We are not an entity that collects money, we only take care of lending the money to the users who make a responsible request and the timely payment of their obligation. We do not ask for advances, we do not use intermediaries and the application is totally free. We are a company that makes disbursements of personal loans to solve the need for short-term money from our customers.